Health Industry Forum

Membership Levels and Benefits

There are 2 levels of Membership:

Charter membership and a general membership.

All of the Health Industry Forum Members receive invitations to the policy forums, workgroups, and Congressional briefings.

All members receive Conference Reports and Policy Briefs.

Charter members receive additional benefits.

Most importantly, Charter members sit on the Advisory Board of the Health Industry Forum and help set the agenda for the Forum's meetings and activities.

In addition, Charter members receive invitations to the Senior Policy Roundtables, have the opportunity for an on-site seminar, and are able to sponsor a meeting.

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Charter Member Member
Board Status Board Member NA

Meeting Sponsorship

Co-branding opportunity, can post conference reports on own website, and can invite additional individuals from your organization.

One per year *Additional fee

On-site Seminar

On-site briefing and discussion for members based on recent HIF conference topics.

One per year *Additional fee

Senior Policy Roundtable

Informal briefing with senior health policy officials facilitated by Stuart Altman. These roundtables will afford very rich discussion of specific policy issues, and will incorporate both business and policy considerations. Limited to 20 participants, and exclusively available to Charter members.

Two invitations per event NA
Forum Conferences and Congressional Briefings Four invitations per conference NA
Pre-Forum Networking Dinners with speakers All NA
Publications All All