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Journal Articles and Background Papers

Journal Articles: 2015-Present

Christopher C. Afendulis, Laura A. Hatfield, Bruce E. Landon, Jonathan Gruber, Mary Beth Landrum, Robert E. Mechanic, Darren E. Zinner, and Michael E. Chernew. (2017). Early Impact Of CareFirst’s Patient-Centered Medical Home With Strong Financial Incentives. Health Affairs. 36(3), March 2017.

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Robert E. Mechanic. (2016). When New Medicare Payment Systems Collide. New England Journal of Medicine. 374, pp. 1706-1709.

Interview with Robert Mechanic on what happens when patients are treated by multiple providers participating in different Medicare payment models. (2016). Supplement to New England Journal of Medicine, May 2016.

Robert E. Mechanic. (2016). Opportunities and Challenges for Payment Reform: Observations from Massachusetts. Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law. 41(4), pp. 743-762.

Robert E. Mechanic and Darren Zinner. (2016). Risk Contracting in Large Medical Groups During National Health Care Reform. American Journal of Managed Care. June 2016.

Colleen L. Barry, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Julie M. Donohue, Shelly F. Greenfield, Elena Kouri, Kenneth Duckworth, Zirui Song, Robert E. Mechanic, Michael E. Chernew, and Haiden A. Huskamp. (2015). The Early Impact Of The "Alternative Quality Contract" On Mental Health Service Use And Spending In Massachusetts. Health Affairs. 34(12), December 2015.

Robert E. Mechanic. (2015). Mandatory Medicare Bundled Payment - Is It Ready for Prime Time? New England Journal of Medicine. 373, pp. 1291-1293.

Background Papers

Jon Kingsdale and John M. Bertko. (2009). Health Insurance Exchanges: A Typology and Guide to Key Design Issues. Prepared for the July 20, 2009, Health Industry Forum meeting.

Cindy Parks Thomas. (2008). Key Medicare Issues for Coverage and Reimbursement of Specialty Pharmaceuticals. Prepared for the July 16, 2008, Health Industry Forum meeting.

Robert Mechanic. (2004). Will Care Management Improve the Value of U.S. Health Care? Prepared for the 11th Annual Princeton Conference, May 2004.



Christopher C. Afendulis, A. Mark Fendrick, Zirui Song, Bruce E. Landon, Dana Gelb Safran, Robert E. Mechanic, and Michael E. Chernew. (2014). The Impact of Global Budgets on Pharmaceutical Spending and Utilization: Early Experience from the Alternative Quality Contract. Inquiry. Vol. 5 (December 2014).

Karen Hacker, Palmira Santos, Douglas Thompson, Somara S. Stout, Adriana Bearse, and Robert E. Mechanic. (2014). Early Experience of a Safety-Net Provider Reorganizing into an Accountable Care Organization. Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law. 39(4), pp. 901–917.

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Prior to 2010

Robert E. Mechanic and Stuart Altman. (2009). Payment Reform Options: Episode Payment Is A Good Place To Start. Health Affairs. 28(Supplement 2), January 2009.

Darren E. Zinner and Eric G. Campbell. (2009). Life-Science Research Within US Academic Medical Centers.  Journal of the American Medical Association. 302(9), pp. 969-976.