Health Industry Forum

March 31, 2017

The Future of Medicare Advantage

More than 30% of Medicare beneficiaries now select Medicare Advantage (MA) over traditional Medicare coverage. Prior to the Obama Administration payments to MA plans averaged 15% more than fee-for-service coverage and plans could profit simply by targeting counties where premiums exceeded underlying costs. The Affordable Care Act lowered MA premiums close to parity and added a star rating system with additional payments to reward high quality plans. Many plans continue to succeed financially and create value for the program through use of high performance networks, innovative programs for patients with complex needs and new provider payment models. Republicans generally favor using private plans to provide public health benefits and will likely propose new policies to advance the MA program. This Forum will discuss current policy issues, review innovative programs developed by Medicare Advantage plans, discuss potential changes to regulations and payment policy that could occur under the new Administration, and examine the implications of these changes for beneficiaries and taxpayers.

Speakers include:

  • Stuart Altman, PhD, Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University
  • Mark Miller, PhD, Executive Director, MedPAC
  • Craig Samitt, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Anthem
  • Robert Mirsky, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Medicare, Aetna
  • Michael Chernew, PhD, Professor Healthcare Policy, Harvard Medical School
  • Sean Cavanaugh, Former Deputy Administrator, CMS
  • Tricia Neuman, ScD, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Becky Dube, PharmD, Vice President for Clinical Programs, Martin's Point Health Care




Medicare Advantage in Practice: Enhanced Care Models for High Need Patients
Becky Dube, PharmD, Vice President, Health Plan Clinical Programs and Interim Vice President, Health Plan Products, Martin’s Point Health Care

The Future of Medicare Advantage
Tricia Neuman, ScD, Senior Vice President, Kaiser Family Foundation

The Future of Medicare Advantage
Michael Chernew, PhD, Professor, Harvard Medical School