Health Industry Forum

September 8, 2016

Outcome-Based Contracts for Pharmaceutical Products: Opportunities and Challenges

Public and private purchasers are expanding the use of payment models that emphasize value rather than volume of services and they are now starting to experiment with value-based arrangements for pharmaceutical products. In the past year, payers and pharmaceutical firms have announced arrangements where payments will be linked to outcomes of treatments for high cholesterol, heart failure and diabetes. This roundtable will bring together 25-30 leaders from health plans, pharmaceutical firms and the policy community to discuss the objectives, approach and structure of recent value-based contracts. To the extent data are available the group will review outcomes of longer-standing arrangements. The session will conclude with a discussion of challenges facing these types of arrangements, potential solutions, and the future outlook for wider use of value-based contracting in the pharmaceutical arena.




Cigna Pharmacy Management
Chris Bradbury, Senior Vice President, Cigna Pharmacy Management