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What was it about the Heller EMBA program that appealed to you?

Amir Taghinia

"I liked the Heller school because of its reputation in healthcare. Furthermore, the special EMBA offered by Heller was for physicians and healthcare personnel only. Compared to a traditional EMBA, this one taught the subjects with a healthcare twist. I also felt that my interests would align much better with my classmates; we all speak the same language and understand each other much better."

K. Marie Reid

"The primary appeal rests with the first-rate professors associated with the program. These are nationally and internationally respected professionals in healthcare leadership, research, governance and policy. Their passion for teaching and health care is infectious and captures your attention in such a way that you forget the outside world and fully become engaged and engrossed as a student. Jon Chilingerian and colleagues have made it worth our while by designing an EMBA program rich with value."

What was your impression of the first onsite session? What do you think of the program overall so far?

Madeleine Biondolillo

"This MBA program is absolutely first-rate. The quality of the education, both the content and the delivery (teaching) is excellent. During the first onsite session, I shared an experience with my 35 extremely accomplished, brilliant and absolutely delightful classmates that not only conveyed important and useful information, but inspired life-changing personal and professional practice."

Mark Edney

"The first onsite session was, without hyperbole, transformative. Our group of 36 physicians from across the country bonded immediately. Within a couple of days, it became clear to all that we were privileged to be members of a unique, diverse, creative and incredibly insightful team of professionals who were embarking on an amazing journey together."