Executive MBA for Physicians

Why Do Physicians Need an MBA?

two EMBA physicians talking and gesturing to one another

Today’s highly complex health care landscape is rife with medical reforms and regulations that challenge established management assumptions and behaviors. At the same time, health care demands high quality, patient-centered care and dramatically decreased costs. Leaders must have advanced expertise in both clinical care and management to ensure optimal medical outcomes and robust financial performance.

Neither medical nor business schools teach this essential combination of medicine and management required to lead the 21st-century health care institution or practice. The Heller School’s Executive MBA for Physicians enables MDs, DOs, DMDs, DDSs, and DPMs to leverage best practices (and next practices), master management strategies, and link management science with clinical operations to improve patient care, financial performance, and staff productivity.

Learn  more about this topic in an interview with the Program Founder, Jon A. Chilingerian, PhD.