Master of Science in Global Health Policy and Management

Pamela Titi, MS GHPM’16 (Uganda)

Pamela Titi giving a graduation speech
Pamela Titi, MS GHPM’16 (Uganda)

Pamela Titi was originally trained as a lawyer in her home country of Uganda, but her career trajectory changed sharply after the birth of her daughter, Gabby, who was born with severe brain damage. After seeking specialized health care for Gabby in the United States that was unavailable in Uganda, Titi decided to found the Tunaweza Children’s Centre for children with special needs in Kampala. It is the first therapy center of its kind in East Africa. She then enrolled in the Heller School’s MS in Global Health Policy and Management program to gain the skills she needed for Tunaweza to succeed.

In her Heller commencement speech, Titi recalled, “Now, I am ready to return to Uganda and bloom where I was planted. And bloom for the tens of thousands of Gabby’s in Uganda who are hidden, abused, maltreated, or untreated, because of ignorance. Gabby is my most precious blossom, and with the skills I have acquired at the Heller School, others will blossom. Today the center attracts interns and professionals from USA, Canada and Europe. I am already using, to great benefit, what I’ve learned at Heller.

“Though, as a lawyer, science had never been my subject, yet here I am a proud recipient of a Master's in the Science of Global Health Policy and Management… Our learning is built on what we have known, what we have done, new skills we have gained, and students enriching each other’s experience through their own experience. This is the beauty of the Heller School, a place where you share knowledge and experiences. All of us who have been part of the Heller School will recognize what I describe as such a diverse place with extraordinary professors who are generous with their knowledge and networks.”

After graduating in 2016, Titi returned to Tunaweza Children’s Centre as its founder and managing director. She is also an advocate for the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation’s self-advocates and families initiative. Read the rest of her Heller commencement speech here.