Master of Science in Global Health Policy and Management

Student Profiles

Heller MS students are simply amazing. We believe that our program attracts people who are uniquely driven to improving health systems for local communities. Our students come to Heller with an already-impressive array of skills and experiences, from doctors and nurses, to returned Peace Corps volunteers and public health workers. 

Tori Lee, MBA/MS GHPM’22

Tori Lee, MBA/MS GHPM’22

“Heller is one of the few institutions where I saw an equal marriage of hard, corporate skills but also social justice values. I could learn to manage people and practice health equity in the same school.”

“I’m really interested in expanding what health care as a human right looks like in the United States, and for all people,” Lee says, referencing ideas such as Medicare for All. She hopes to help unite different institutions to create policy, “marrying my organizing background with more of the strategic project management that I'm learning here at Heller.”

Remy Mujigiti, MS'21

Remy Mujigiti, MS GHPM'21

Today, Mujigiti has come to Heller to become a global health researcher, excited to gain quantitative skills like data analysis in the MS in Global Health Policy and Management program. He is dedicated to transforming health systems in Rwanda and throughout the African continent. Eventually, he hopes to pursue a doctoral degree focused on health workforce policy.

“If we have capable, native physicians, and the tools we need in the research institutions to conduct research for the diseases we have, we don’t need to send any more patients to developed countries,” he says. “This would decrease child mortality, mothers who die in childbirth. Many Africans have the same passion.” 

Dahiana Loaiza

Dahiana Loaiza, MS GHPM/MA SID'20 (United States)

AmeriCorps CityYear alumnus, Recipient of the Heller Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

“I’m mostly focused on health resources allocated to marginalized communities. Even within Latinx populations, there’s marginalized sub-communities, such as indigenous folks. I’m interested in looking at why these health disparities exist, despite resources that have been made available. Often those communities haven’t been able to access them.”

Surayyo Ilnazarova, MS GHPM/MA SID’20 (Tajikistan)

“Pursuing dual degrees at Heller was a logical next step given my experience in public health and motivation to strengthen my ability to make a greater impact, taking on bigger projects to make larger-scale changes,” says Ilnazarova, who hopes to work for an international development agency in her country such as the World Health Organization or UNICEF. “I’m learning both health and development and understanding problems associated with them. Strategies to address some of the systemic causes of poor health outcomes among vulnerable communities are rooted within broader framework of sustainable development.”

Zizwa Mwafulirwa

Zizwa Mwafulirwa, MS GHPM'20 (Malawi)

“I wanted to become medical doctor because of the need in my community. I loved my patients...but I was working in a broken system, to be honest. The whole country [of Malawi] has about 500 physicians for a population of 20 million. With the limited health care resources, this system directly favors the rich and people who live in urban areas. These are really big problems that I wasn’t going to fix by sitting in a clinic. Instead of me dealing with a patient’s health problem that already developed, maybe I could work on a way to make sure that problem doesn’t come up at all. To take more of a systemic approach.”

Tozoe Marton

Tozoe Marton, MA SID/MS GHPM’20 (United States)

“I’m taking courses in STATA, and applied regression—it’s so difficult but I love it so much that I’m planning to take econometrics. I also love my class on International Health Systems and Development. We’re learning about all the interactions of different factors in a health system—it’s showing me how to apply the skills that I want to have when I graduate.”

Raissa Gervasio (Brazil)

MS student Raissa says her Heller skills are empowering her to return home and effect change.