Master of Science in Global Health Policy and Management

Jamie Jason '20, MS GHPM'21 (U.S.)

Jamie Jason '20, MS GHPM'21
Jamie Jason '20, MS GHPM'21 (U.S.)

Jamie Jason '20, MS GHPM'21, had the unique opportunity to serve as a first author on a paper while working as a research assistant during his year at Heller. The paper titled, “Understanding the COVID-19 Response in Colombia using Mobility Data,” was written under the guidance of Professor Don Shepard and Associate Professor Diana Bowser.

“I really wanted to connect my in-classroom studies in health policy and analytics to a research project. As a research assistant, I was able to apply classroom learning to a real-world deliverable and use course concepts in my analysis.

In Professor Bowser’s class on health policy, we learned how to analyze data in relation to health outcomes to inform government policy. I learned how to contextualize the data to tell a story and impact people’s lives. As I was working on the COVID-19 project and writing the paper, my classes supported my approach to addressing challenging concepts in the manuscript. 

I really recommend working on research as a Heller student. You’re able to establish a closer connection with your professors, which helps with class engagement. They really care about your development and how you are going to use the master’s degree in a professional setting.

Now, I’m working for a consulting firm [ZS, as a strategy insights and planning associate] that has clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. My MS degree background is critical in my work to support our clients. I am knowledgeable on the health care ecosystem and experienced in providing recommendations supported by data and theory.”