Massachusetts Health Policy Forum

Health Information Technology in Massachusetts: A Private/Public Partnership? What Should the State’s Role Be in Facilitating Health IT Adoption?

Forum held on December 5, 2007

Health leaders from public, private and academic sectors focused on Massachusetts’ roadmap to leadership in health IT. Speakers included Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and Senator Richard T. Moore, and featured nationally-renowned experts in health IT, including John Glaser, PhD, John Halamka, MD, Micky Tripathi, PhD, James Roosevelt, Jr, JD, John McDonough, DPH, and David Blumenthal, MD. Experts in health IT adoption provided national and state perspectives focusing on progress to date, including the latest information on Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative. A panel discussion considered the role of the state and private sector in promoting and financing expansion of health IT, and the possibility of developing a broad and systematic roadmap for state-wide adoption of health IT.


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