Fostering the wellbeing of children and families

All children deserve to live healthy, happy lives regardless of race/ethnicity, family income, disability or where they live and go to school.

We believe that a truly just and moral world requires that all children have access to the conditions they need to be happy and healthy in childhood and beyond. We operate from a children's rights perspective: We believe that children's lives have intrinsic value and that society should invest in ensuring children's well-being both during childhood and as an investment in their future potential as adults.

We apply an explicit equity frame in all of our work. This drives our discovery and application of the most effective avenues for all children, youth, and families to have fair and just opportunities to be their best selves. All children should have equitable opportunities for health, education, and family outcomes.

Flagship Research Projects

Multiracial kids running in grassy field

Explore hundreds of measures of child well-being and policy analysis from a unique website that documents diversity, opportunity, and equity among U.S. children.
City outdoor festival

Child Opportunity Index

A composite measure of neighborhood-level opportunity for children in every census tract in the United States.
Chinatown storefront in Boston

NERD Boston

The National Equity Research Database provides the largest single source of socioeconomic indicators for the city of Boston by census tract and neighborhood.