Council on Health Care Economics and Policy

31st Princeton Conference in Boston (2024)

November 13 - 15, 2024

Agenda - Pending

Conference Report - Pending

Princeton Conference Equity and Inclusion Fellowship

We are offering fellowship opportunities to two upcoming health policy professionals and recent graduates who are part of traditionally underrepresented communities to attend the Fall 2024 Princeton Conference in Boston. This year the conference will be at Babson University Conference Center, in Wellesley, Massachusetts on November 13-15, 2024. The goal is to foster engagement between recipients and the health policy world to further develop career interests and goals. Preferences will be given to applicants working in a health policy-related field who have not attended the conference before.

The Princeton Conference is a national platform for health policy experts to present and debate critical issues annually. These discussions have led to multiple publications over the past two decades that have helped shape health policy policies and regulations in the United States. While our event is intentionally intimate to create space for deeper critical open conversations with all participants, these fellowships will further the diversity of attendees in terms of backgrounds and experiences.

The fellowship will cover all travel, lodging, food, and conference fees. We will also work with fellowship recipients to create a tailored networking schedule where fellows will have multiple short meetings with key stakeholders in their health policy areas of interest.

 Applicants should submit the following information:


A great resume is succinct, easy to read, and includes your name, contact information, and your most relevant work, volunteer, leadership, and academic experience, with short descriptions of what you did in that position.


In 150 words, answer the following question: How will attending the conference help you achieve your career goals?

When answering this question, please include a discussion of your policy interests and career goals. Be specific in how you think this opportunity could be helpful in your career trajectory.


We use this form to keep track of administrative data and contact information so we can contact you quickly and easily.

Read the directions and the questions on the form carefully, and ensure you’re submitting everything correctly before the deadline of July 1, 2024. The form can be found: here. For any questions on concerns, please contact Mike Vetter:

Why this process?

  • We request a resume to verify participants' baseline understanding and experience with health policy issues to get the most out of the conference.
  • We request one short essay because it shows initiative, exemplifies the potential of the attendee to get the most out of the conference, and sets applicants apart.
  • Attendees must prepare themselves to attend our conference to get the most out of it. Applicants should consider how this experience will affect their future decisions and interests.

Fellowship Application Checklist


Method of Submission



Upload to Google Form


Short Personal Essay

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Contact Information & Demographics

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 Download Fellowship Information and Checklist here.