Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development

Career Outcomes

Employment Rate: 96%

graphic displaying 96% of graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation

Of 2020-21 MA SID graduates, 84% were employed or continuing their education within 3 months of graduation, and 96% were employed within 6 months of graduation.


Of 2020-2021 MA SID graduates, 37.5% work in the nonprofit sector, 20% work in academia, 17.5% in for-profits, 12.5% in U.S. government positions (local, state, or federal), 10% in international organizations (multilaterals, NGOs), and 2.5% in international government positions. 

pie cart of 2020-21 SID graduates employment by industry: 20% Academia 17.5% For-Profit 2.5% Government (International) 12.5% Government (U.S. local/state/federal) 10% International (Multilateral, NGO) 37.5% Nonprofit

Job Function

Of 2020-21 MA SID graduates, 33% work in project or program management roles, 22% work in research, 7% in analysis, 7% in communications or marketing, 7% in general management, and 24% in other positions (includes: advocacy; consulting; education and training; monitoring and evaluation; grants and fundraising; and continuing education).

pie cart of 2020-21 SID graduates employment by job function: 33% Project/Program Management 22% Research 7% Analysis 7% Communications/Marketing 7% General Management 24% Other


Of 2020-21 MA SID graduates who provided geographic information, most were  living in the United States, especially in the Northeast. Of MA SID graduates residing in the U.S., 49% live in New England, 27% in the Mid-Atlantic, 5% in the Midwest and Mountain West, 5% in the South, and 5% in the West. 

Additionally, 7% of MA SID graduates live in Asia and the Pacific Islands, and 2% live in Latin America and the Caribbean.

2020-21 SID graduates live in the following places: 49% USA (New England) 27% USA (Mid-Atlantic) 5% USA (South) 5% USA (Midwest) 5% USA (West) 7% Asia and Pacific Islands 2% Latin America and the Caribbean
Map represents the 93% of 2020-21 SID graduates who reside in the U.S.