Brandeis-Harvard NIDA Center


The Brandeis-Harvard NIDA Center continues a long-standing collaboration between the Institute for Behavioral Health at Brandeis University’s Schneider Institutes for Health Policy and Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy that began in 1995. Each organization brings a unique set of substantive skills that strengthens the collective expertise offered by the Center. By sharing knowledge and resources across institutions, we create a whole greater than its parts, enhancing our ability to conduct high-quality health services research.

Constance Horgan, Professor, Director of the Institute for Behavioral Health

Constance Horgan, ScD

Director (Brandeis)

Alisa Busch, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center co-director

Alisa Busch, MD, MS

Co-Director (Harvard/McLean Hospital)

Haiden Huskamp, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center co-director

Haiden Huskamp, PhD

Co-Director (Harvard)

Sharon Reif, Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Sharon Reif, PhD'02

Deputy Director (Brandeis)

Vanessa Azzone, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center researcher

Vanessa Azzone, PhD

Researcher (Harvard)

Shelly Greenfield, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center researcher

Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH

Researcher (Harvard/McLean Hospital)

Dominic Hodgkin, Professor

Dominic Hodgkin, PhD

Researcher (Brandeis)

Thomas McGuire, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center researcher

Thomas McGuire, PhD

Researcher (Harvard)

Sharon-Lise Normand, Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center statistician

Sharon-Lise Normand, PhD

Statistician (Harvard)

Grant A. Ritter, Associate Research Professor

Grant Ritter, PhD

Statistician (Brandeis)

Maureen Stewart, PhD'09, Scientist and Lecturer

Maureen Stewart, PhD'09

Researcher (Brandeis)