Julia Szendro, MA COEX’18 (U.S. and Hungary)

Julia Szendro
Julia Szendro, MA COEX'18

Conflict Resolution in U.S. Corrections and Re-entry

Topol Fellow in Nonviolent Practice

“My work focuses on the social inclusion of marginalized communities, and building state and local capacity for conflict resolution. Specifically, I have been looking at ways to engage the public in the reintegration of formerly incarcerated people, and embedding conflict resolution into both correctional programing and administration.

Ultimately I hope to support prisons and jails within the U.S. in becoming less traumatizing environments for staff and incarcerated people alike. I hope to do so by building programing that helps incarcerated people and correctional staff develop their capacity for conflict resolution. I would also like to develop leadership and public engagement in reintegration and prison reform on a national level.

I chose the COEX program at Heller because I appreciated how much thought went into the design of the degree and the international perspective. I also felt I could gain a lot from the Heller community, including the faculty and student body.  A degree in conflict resolution and coexistence perfectly aligns with my goals following graduation and will support me in working towards the social inclusion of marginalized communities in the U.S."