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PhD Faculty

Students and faculty member talking together in a PhD seminar.

Jeffrey Prottas

Professor; Director, PhD Program

Expertise: Organizational research, community-based research, health policy and implementation studies, case studies, surveys and qualitative analysis

781-736-3955Schneider 209

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

Samuel F. and Rose B. Gingold Professor of Human Development and Social Policy; Director, Institute for Child Youth and Family Policy

Expertise: Public health, racial/ethnic disparities in health and social determinants of health, social policy and health

781-736-3715Heller-Brown 364

Stuart Altman

Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy

Expertise: Healthcare economics and policy; healthcare industry reform, Medicare

781-736-3803Schneider 214

Christine Bishop

Atran Professor of Labor Economics

Expertise: Health economics; economics of long-term services and supports and post-acute care; economics of aging

781-736-3942Schneider Building 212

Janet Boguslaw

Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer, and Associate Director, MPP Program

Expertise: Asset development, program implementation and evaluation; poverty and economic security; precarious work; stakeholder engagement; qualitative methods and analysis; case studies

781-736-3738Heller-Brown 361

Diana Bowser

Associate Professor and Director, MS Program in Global Health Policy and Management

Expertise: Health economics, health systems, Latin America, quantitative and qualitative methods

781-736-4811Heller-Brown 272

Jon Chilingerian

Associate Professor of Human Services Management

Expertise: Research and teaching on organizational leadership, DEA, health services research, performance management, health care management, 360 leadership coaching, executive education, and organization theory

781-736-3828Schneider 204

Stephen Fournier

Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Statistics, econometrics, data analysis and applied causal modeling and data maintenance, special expertise in both Stata and SPSS

781-736-3898Heller-Brown Building 368

Deborah Garnick


Expertise: managed care, health care quality, substance abuse treatment services, insurance reform, performance measurement, healthcare datasets, survey data

781-736-3840Heller-Brown 256

Jody Hoffer Gittell


Organizational change, organizational effectiveness, organizational resilience, organizational theory, human resource management, relational coordination

781-736-3680Schneider 206

Dominic Hodgkin

Associate Professor

Expertise: Health economics, managed care, economics of mental health and substance abuse, prescription drugs

781-736-8551 Heller-Brown 264

Constance Horgan

Professor and Director, Institute for Behavioral Health

Expertise: Organization and financing of alcohol, drug and mental health service; quality and effectiveness of behavioral health treatment

781-736-3916Heller-Brown 257

Nina Kammerer

Senior Lecturer

Expertise: anthropology and public health, Southeast Asia, US, and Catalunya, Spain, qualitative research methods, mixed methods, program evaluation, health services research, behavioral health, HIV/AIDS, trauma, ethnicities and nations, gender, kinship and social organization, ritual and religion

781-736-2940 Heller-Brown 353

Marty Krauss, PhD’81

Interim Dean and John Stein Professor of Disability Research, Emerita

Expertise: Disability policy issues, family-based caregiving, and health services for people with disabilities. Research consists of several longitudinal studies of families with a child with disabilities

781-736-63883Schneider 116

Walter Leutz, PhD’81

Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Social welfare policy, long-term care financing and service delivery, disabilities policy, gerontology

781-736-3934Heller-Brown 215

Tatjana Meschede

Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Poverty, economic security, homelessness and housing, research methods/statistics, working with large national data sets

781-736-8678 Heller-Brown 359

Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson ’80, PhD’06

Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Expertise: health and health care inequities; intersectionality; diversity and inclusion; evaluation studies; race/ethnicity/gender and social and health policy; women and gender studies

781-736-3757Heller-Brown 349

Lee Panas

Senior Programmer and Lecturer

Expertise: Statistical programming and analysis of large state and national databases

781-736-3943Heller-Brown 270

Jennifer Perloff, PhD’06

Scientist and Lecturer

Expertise: Evaluation research, study design, survey tool design and validation, data analysis, including claims data, manuscript preparation

781-736-3935Schneider 213

Sharon Reif, PhD'02

Sharon Reif, PhD’02

Senior Scientist and Lecturer

Expertise: Health services research, with a focus on substance use disorders (substance abuse, addiction, alcohol, drugs) and other behavioral health

781-736-3924Heller-Brown 259

Grant Ritter

Associate Research Professor

Expertise: Statistics, quantitative methods, health services research

781-736-3872Heller-Brown 268

Rajesh Sampath

Associate Professor of the Philosophy of Justice, Rights, and Social Change and Associate Director of the Master's Program in Sustainable International Development

Expertise:  General topics in applied moral and political philosophy; philosophy of development; comparative religions; theories of justice; development ethics; philosophy of law, comparative constitutional law, critical race theory, gender and sexuality, human rights and theories of democracy

781-736-5338Heller-Brown 157

Len Saxe

Klutznick Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies

Expertise: Social psychology, methodology, policy analysis; American Jewry

781-736-3952Lown Center for Judaica Studies 320

Thomas Shapiro

Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy and Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy

Expertise: Racial inequality and public policy

781-736-4671 Heller-Brown 357

Donald Shepard


Expertise: Health economics, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, health financing in the United States and globally, and their application to drug and alcohol abuse, cardiovascular disease, dengue and malaria

781-736-3975 Heller-Brown 275

Laurence R. Simon

Professor of International Development and Director, Center for Global Development and Sustainability

Expertise: Philosophy of development, political geography, poverty alleviation, agrarian reform, project planning and implementation, evaluation, organizational management

781-736-4148 Heller-Brown 160

Maureen Stewart, PhD’09

Scientist and Lecturer

Expertise: Health services research, with a focus on financing and organization of behavioral health care; use of technology to improve access to and quality of behavioral health care

781-736-3717Heller-Brown 262

Deborah Stone

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Expertise: Politics of policy making and policy analysis; health policy; social policy; policy making institutions and policy analysis in the developing world

63960 Heller-Brown 346

Christopher Tompkins, MMHS’82, PhD’91

Associate Professor and Director, Institute on Healthcare Systems

Expertise: Health services research, health economics, national and state health policy, research methods

781-736-3913Schneider Building 219

Marji Erickson Warfield, PhD’91

Senior Scientist and Lecturer, and Director, Nathan and Toby Starr Center on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Expertise: Children and youth with developmental disabilities and special health care needs, family adaptation, longitudinal studies, program evaluation

781-736-3833Heller-Brown 350