The Opioid Policy Research Collaborative (OPRC), based in the Institute for Behavioral Health (IBH) of the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management, is advancing desperately needed scholarship on interventions to address the opioid addiction epidemic. We serve as a primary resource for state and federal health officials, policymakers and private organizations and play prominent roles in four key areas:

  • Providing Cutting-Edge Research: OPRC generates research to objectively evaluate local, state and national interventions and policies that have been implemented in response to the opioid crisis.
  • Offering Innovative Policy Initiatives: OPRC develops evidence-based guidance and recommendations for a wide range of stakeholders, including federal, state and local government agencies, health care systems, and industry.
  • Serving as a Convener and Collaborator: OPRC brings together researchers, clinicians and policymakers from diverse disciplines to develop coordinated strategies for responding to the opioid addiction epidemic. The Collaborative creates opportunities for university faculty to collaborate with other top researchers in the fields of public health, health services research, epidemiology, addiction treatment, medical education and drug policy. 
  • Communicating Activities, Outcomes and Accomplishments: OPRC shares findings from innovative research and policy initiatives across academic, medical, nonprofit and government fields. OPRC works closely with media outlets to highlight key accomplishments for an even wider audience.
Andrew Kolodny standing outside in winter

The Opioid Prophet: Andrew Kolodny is fighting on the front lines of America’s latest (and worst) drug epidemic.

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OPRC in the News

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Rehab USA: how should America treat its opioid victims?

In the Financial Times, Andrew Kolodny says Suboxone and other medicines with buprenorphine, offer the best hope of stemming the flow of fatalities.

Kolodny at podium during press release

Massachusetts sues Purdue Pharma

Massachusetts sues Purdue Pharma for lying and profiting from the opioid crisis. At Tuesday's press conference on Facebook live, watch Andrew Kolodny speak at around 24 minutes.

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Physicians report safer prescribing after one in-office education session

Mary Jo Larson shows how educating providers on state prescription monitoring programs can lead to more responsible prescribing.

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Taking Aim at America's Opioid Crisis: How OPRC researchers are pointing policymakers in a more effective direction

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