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MPP Faculty

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Heller counts more than one hundred faculty and researchers engaged in advancing social and public policy and educating the next generation of leaders. Their public engagement reaches the highest levels of government, nonprofit, and international organizations. Many have designed, implemented, or evaluated large-scale policies and programs that affect the lives of millions, domestically and globally. Like you, they are believers in the power of knowledge to promote positive social change. Faculty share your passion for social policy and are committed to helping you to make a difference.

Michael Doonan, PhD'02

Associate Professor and Director, MPP Program

Expertise: State health policy, the uninsured, federalism, Medicaid, access to health care for vulnerable populations, health care system change, federal state relations, governance, public health

781-736-4831Schneider 207

Janet Boguslaw

Scientist and Senior Lecturer; Associate Program Director, MPP Program

Expertise: Poverty, assets and social policy, workforce and economic development, stakeholder engagement

781-736-3738Heller-Brown 361

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

Samuel F. and Rose B. Gingold Professor of Human Development and Social Policy; Director, Institute for Child Youth and Family Policy

Expertise: Public health, racial ethnic disparities in health and social determinants of health and social policy

781-736-3715Heller-Brown 364

Stuart Altman

Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy

Expertise: Healthcare economics and policy; healthcare industry reform, medicare

781-736-3803Schneider 214

Brenda Anderson

Senior Lecturer, the Heller School and the International Business School

Expertise: Financial and managerial accounting; auditing

781-736-8423 Schneider 203

Larry Bailis

Associate Professor

Expertise: Service programs, service-learning and experiential education; university-community partnerships; program evaluation, evaluation of advocacy programs

617 868-2468 Heller-Brown 369

Christine Bishop

Atran Professor of Labor Economics

Expertise: Health economics, economics of long-term services and supports and post-acute care, economics of aging

781-736-3942Schneider 212

Mary Brolin, PhD’05

Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Health services research and community-based evaluation with a focus on behavioral health

781-736-5737Heller-Brown 254

Carole Carlson

Senior Lecturer and Director, MBA Program

Expertise: Social entrepreneurship, strategy, organizational effectiveness, consultative skills, impact optimization for mission-driven organizations

781-736-3861Schneider 226

Jon Chilingerian

Associate Professor of Human Services Management

Expertise: Leadership and organizational behavior, management and healthcare organizations, organizational theory and behavior, health policy

781-736-3828Schneider 204

Susan Curnan

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Youth and Communities

Expertise: Social Policy and Management, emphasis on leadership and management innovations with mission driven organizations and businesses

781-736-3771 Heller-Brown 341

Susan Eaton

Director, Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy

Expertise: racial and economic inequality in public education, demographic change and its implications for schools and municipalities, causes and remedies for racial and economic segregation and concentrated poverty in schools and neighborhoods, civil rights law and education, immigration policy and immigrant integration practice, social justice philanthropy

781-736-3918Heller-Brown 375

Stephen Fournier

Senior Lecturer at the Heller School and Adjunct Professor at the International Business School

Expertise: Statistics, econometrics, IT, data analysis and applied casual modeling and data maintenance 

781-736-3898Heller-Brown 368

Anita Hill

University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Expertise: Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy (Gender and Race)

781-736-3896Heller-Brown 374

Dominic Hodgkin


Expertise: Health economics, managed care, economics of mental health and substance abuse, prescription drugs

781-736-8551Heller-Brown 264

Constance Horgan

Professor and Director, Institute for Behavioral Health

Expertise: Organization and financing of behavioral health services

781-736-3916 Heller-Brown 257

Bob Kuttner

Meyer and Ida Kirstein Visiting Professor in Social Planning and Administration

Expertise: Inequality, politics of the welfare state, international political economy and globalization, politics and history of managed capitalism

781-736-5311Heller-Brown 367

Tatjana Meschede

Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Poverty, economic security, homelessness and housing, research methods/statistics, working with large national data sets

781-736-8678Heller-Brown 359

Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson ’80, PhD’06

Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Social justice, management and policy; race, ethnicity and gender in health, healthcare and human services

781-736-3757Heller-Brown 349

Jeffrey Prottas

Professor; Director, PhD Program

Expertise: Organizational research, community-based research, health policy and implementation studies, case studies, surveys and qualitative analysis

781-736-3955Schneider 209

Marji Erickson Warfield, PhD’91

Senior Scientist and Lecturer; Director, Nathan and Toby Starr Center on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Expertise: Children and youth with developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs; family adaptation; longitudinal studies; program evaluation

781-736-3833Heller-Brown 350

Ellen Smith

Associate Professor of the Practice in the Hornstein Program in Jewish Professional Leadership

Expertise: Israel and Contemporary Jewish Studies; the American Jewish Community; Modern Jewish Culture

781-736-2998 Lown 204

Robert Tannenwald

Adjunct Lecturer

Expertise: Public economics, with emphasis on state and local public finance