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MS/GHPM Curriculum



An academically intensive degree undertaken in nine months, the Master of Science program in Global Health Policy and Management (GHPM) requires 32 credits.  The skills you acquire in the program will prepare you in three main areas: the design, financing and implementation of health system and policy changes; understanding how to use analytical skills to make these changes; and public health knowledge needed to improve population health. Students also have the option of applying for a dual degree with Heller’s MBA in Nonprofit Management, or the MA in Sustainable International Development (SID).

First Year

Before and After: MS Students Report What They've Learned

The MS curriculum is designed to teach students a specific set of expertise and knowledge. At the start and end of each cohort year, MS students report their level of competency and comfort with a variety of skills and content areas. The graphic below represents a small selection of the skill areas that students report on, with the average "before" score (in red) and the average "after" score (in green) from the class of 2016. 

image of 2016 pre- and post- MS competencies