MS/GHPM Careers

We believe that career development is a priority. As a Heller student, you will work closely with the Career Development Center to define your professional goals and build strategies to achieve them. Beginning with the online Career Academy the summer before orientation, MS students regularly meet with career advisors, learn from professional development workshops and attend employer events throughout their time at Heller. In a recent survey of our 2017 graduates, 87 percent were employed or continuing their education a year after graduation. 

MS students gain the tools and knowledge at Heller to get great jobs where they make positive, effective social change for improved global health. Furthermore, they learn how to evaluate health systems, how to conduct cost-effectiveness analyses and how to act as ethical, inclusive leaders among a variety of health care stakeholders. Ihsan Kaadan, MS’15, is a great example: a trained physician from Syria, Ihsan graduated from the Heller School MS program and now works at Massachusetts General Hospital as a clinical researcher.  

MS graduates are working in key roles across sectors, including in positions with the UN World Food Programme, IntraHealth International, Bantwana Initiative (JSI), Population Council International and Ministries of Health in several countries. For example, alumna Pushpita Samina, MS’15, completed a one-year fellowship with the World Health Organization after graduating and has since joined USAID Bangladesh, where she is a Clinical Services Lead in the Population Health, Nutrition and Education office.

The Career Development Center will continue to be a benefit long after you graduate. Staff are committed to connecting students and alumni to the Heller network and the professional resources they need as their career aspirations evolve—it’s a lifelong promise.