SID Careers

We believe that SID and Heller should prepare you for your dream job in development. As a Heller student, you will work closely with the Career Development Center to define your professional goals and create strategies to achieve them. Beginning with the online Career Academy the summer before orientation, SID students regularly meet with career advisors, learn from professional development workshops and attend employer events throughout their time at Heller. In a recent survey of Heller 2017 graduates, 86 percent were employed or continuing their education a year after graduation.

SID students gain the knowledge, skills and tools at Heller to get great jobs where they bring innovative ideas and creative practice to the development sector. Furthermore, they learn about human rights, gender equity, inclusive societies and environmental sustainability—the values that we believe should guide development work, whether it's in a large multilateral organization or a small local nonprofit organization. Heller's career development team helps students decide how and where they can work to make the world a better place, as a researcher, policy analyst, practitioner or advocate in countries around the world.

SID graduates work at a variety of organizations, including Oxfam America, RTI International, the UN Development Programme, and Lutheran World Relief. Consider Sydney Skov, SID’15, founder of Free Body Project, an organization that uses dance to address violence, inequality and trauma. Or Amrote Abdella, SID’07, regional director of Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative, or Arina Chithavong Lester, SID’15, director of development and operations at Legacies of War, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that advocates for the removal of unexploded bombs leftover from the Vietnam War era in Laos. 

The Career Development Center will continue to be a benefit long after you graduate. The Center is committed to connecting students and alumni to the ever-expanding Heller network and to the professional resources they need as their career advances—it’s a lifelong promise.

Adam Rosenberg MA SID/COEX'11, on how his Heller degrees have helped enhance his career in international trade.