Heller Executive MBA for Physicians

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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The Curriculum

63 credit hours taken over 16 months

Offering a rigorous curriculum appropriate for the skills and knowledge of practicing physicians, this intensive program requires 63 credit hours taken over 16 months. Physicians who have taken healthcare-focused executive education programs at Heller in the past may be given up to eight transfer credits, depending on the specific nature of the program they previously completed.

Course Schedule for Modules

Module 1 (15 Credits)

Operations Management (4)

Financial Accounting (4)

Economic Analysis for Managers (2)

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (4)

Leadership Coaching (1)

Module 2 (19 Credits)

Managerial Accounting (4)

Strategic Management (4)

Team Consulting Project (4)

Relational Coordination Masterclass (2)

Health Care Entrepreneurship (2)

National Health Policy (2)

Policy and Implementation (1)

Module 3 (16 Credits)

Health Care Management (4)

Corporate Finance (4)

Marketing (2)

Clinical and Managerial Uncertainty Data and Judgment (2)

Physicians Executive Field Experience (2)

Health Law and Ethics (2)

Module 4 (13 Credits)

Leadership Coaching (1)

State Health Policy (2)

Conflict Resolution by Negotiation (2)

Healthcare Technology and Information (4)

Physicians Executive Field Experience (2)

Quality and Performance Measurement in Health Care (2)

Total Credits: 63

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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