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WA Opioid-STR

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) awarded State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis Grants (Opioid-STR) to states in order to address the opioid crisis. The Washington State Opioid State Targeted Response (WA Opioid-STR) Project received over $22 million for the 2-year grant focusing on four goals: preventing opioid use and misuse, providing treatment/recovery support, preventing death from opioid overdose, and utilizing data to monitor opioid use and mortality, and to evaluate interventions. Activities for the WA Opioid-STR Project fall into the categories of Prevention and Treatment. The Washington State Hub & Spoke project is one of 10 treatment activities funded through this grant.

Washington State H&S Networks

The Washington State Hub & Spoke model consists of 6 networks serving different regions of the state. Each network has one hub, which acts as a regional center offering medication assisted treatment (MAT). The 6 hubs implemented in Washington State are:

  • Cascade Medical Advantage – Bellingham, WA
  • Harborview Medical Center Network – Seattle, WA
  • Lifeline Connections Network – Vancouver, WA
  • Northwest Integrated Health Network – Lakewood, WA
  • Peninsula Community Health Services Network – Bremerton, WA
  • Valley Cities Network – Seattle, WA

These hubs coordinate care with multiple spokes, or community providers who provide behavioral health treatment, primary health care, and various community services, ensuring that patients with OUD have the ability to receive MAT as well as behavioral health treatment and wraparound services. 

WA-STR Hub and Spoke Networks