Institute for Behavioral Health

Implementation Study - for Hubs & Spokes

The Brandeis team will be contacting Hubs and Spokes to learn about what you are doing in the context of the WA-STR funding, and in relation to the other agencies in your network.  We will ask for your participation in an online survey and interview, as well as a site visit.  This information will be immensely valuable to have a true understanding of what your networks look like, and in particular what unique aspects your agency and H&S network have developed to improve access to and quality of care for people with opioid use disorders. 

We realize that we are asking for your time. As a thank you, we can offer a small honorarium.  We hope that you will participate, since the evaluation is most useful when we can fully describe the system.

Although this project is in collaboration with DBHR, the Brandeis team will conduct all data collection activities and analysis.  We will share findings with DBHR in terms of the structure and features of your participation in the H&S network. We are interested in successes and challenges, and will do our best to anonymize any information provided about challenges.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact Mary Brolin, the lead of the implementation study, or Sharon Reif, the overall study Principal Investigator. The study has been approved by both the Brandeis University IRB (781-736-8133) and the Washington State IRB (360-902-8075).