Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Environmental Justice

Inequality and climate change are the twin policy and management challenges of our time. The Heller MPP concentration in Environmental Justice is unique in its focus on both, asking: How do climate change and environmental policy impact the social and economic opportunities of vulnerable populations today?

In this concentration, students study at the intersections of environmental history, climate science, ecology, economic inequality and public health. We explore how human health, well-being and life trajectories are inextricably linked to the health of the natural environment, and how that linkage occurs through the use of natural resources, the consequences of extracting those resources, and the impact on the overall quality and integrity of the ecosystem in which we live.

Using an interdisciplinary curriculum, the environmental justice concentration prepares the next generation of leaders to gain fluency in environmental justice history; rhetoric and theories; climate change problems that threaten human life and sustainability of the planet; policies and actions underway to ameliorate these problems, and social and technological innovations in development.

Connection to Heller Research Institutes and Centers

Students in this concentration benefit from a connection to two Heller research teams. The Institute for Economic and Racial Equity is dedicated to advancing economic opportunity, security and equity for individuals and families, particularly those left out of the economic mainstream. The Center for Youth and Communities works to improve the quality of education, workforce development, and community systems in order to prepare young people for college, work, and life.

Course Requirements