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September 9, 2014
HellerSAVE sends greetings to staff, faculty, and students new, returning, and full time.  May this academic year be fruitful and full of new insights on how to reduce, recycle, and reuse materials; conserve energy and water; use cars less and transit and bicycles more; and generally live more lightly on the Earth.   Look to this space for ideas and breaking news on a range of environmental topics, and seek out HellerSAVE members if you want to participate on local environmental actions.

Career Development Center


Students and alumni can make Career Advising Appointments in Heller Career Connect by clicking on "Request An Appointment" in the Career Tools and Advising Shortcut Button.

Linnea Löf, MSF '01, Assistant Dean, Career Development
(Room 100) 781-736-3362; llof@brandeis.edu
Adam Motenko, Assistant Director, Career Development
(Room 103) 781-736-3938; amotenko@brandeis.edu
Nancy Pratt, Assistant Director, Career Development
(Room 146)
781-736-3789; npratt@brandeis.edu

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