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Founded in 1959 to address issues in U.S. policy related to human needs and disenfranchised populations, the Heller doctoral program brings the same commitment to social justice to today's policy challenges.

The PhD program at the Heller School prepares students to help advance social policy through leading roles in government, academia, and the non-profit and private sectors. The program supports a collegial and intellectually vibrant community that thrives on rigorous research, collaboration and support, and diverse ideas. Students come from many backgrounds and bring varied experiences, but all share a passionate commitment to using their knowledge to advance social justice.

The program uses a multidisciplinary approach to social policy research that hones conceptual, analytical, qualitative, and quantitative skills. Students can tailor their course of study to their research interests by specializing in one of four broad concentrations.

A pioneering institution, the Heller School's nationally recognized faculty and scholarship have long influenced legislation and social and public policy. Graduates go on to successful careers in research, consulting, teaching, and administration.

If you are ready to learn how to apply a multidisciplinary research perspective to understand how governments, private organizations, and markets shape the well-being of people, join our community of scholars.


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