Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development

Two-Year Advanced Study Track

This two-year residential track follows the same first year curriculum as all other SID program tracks. In their second year, students in this track are required to complete at least 12 credits of coursework per semester. Advanced Studies students work closely with an academic adviser to develop a specialized courseplan and a substantial research paper (called a master's paper) in their main area of interest. This track is best for students with at least two years of work experience who want to design their own second year of study in order to dig deeply into a specific interest area.

Students use their second year in residence to build more expertise in their chosen specialization by taking additional courses in the SID program, at other programs at the Heller School, at Brandeis or at universities throughout the Boston Consortium. The advanced study culminates with a presentation of the student’s work at a Capstone event in May of the students’ second year.  Students who complete all credit requirements, the required master’s paper, and their Capstone presentation are eligible to graduate in May of their second year. 

Examples of master's papers include:

  • Addressing Social, Economic, and Environmental Inequality in Belize: A Colonial Lens to Understanding Present and Future Analysis to Development by Madeline Guerra (2018)
  • Financial Inclusion and Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia by Suhendi Saputro (2018)
  • The Role of Bridging Organizations in Sustainable Development by Pallavi Gupta (2018)
  • Land Alienation and Pastoralism in an Unequal World: The Case of Karrayyu Oromo, Ethiopia by Roba Jilo Bulga (2018)
  • The Risk of Youth Radicalization in the Absence of Quality Youth Services in Jordan by Mahmoud Nabulsi (2017)
  • Gender and Human Rights: Dalit Women in India by Jaspreet Mahal (2017)
  • Indigenous Peoples Knowledge and Development: Strategic Inclusive Partnerships by Edwin Pool (2017)