Institute for Economic and Racial Equity
Technology increasingly impacts how people live their lives and the outcomes they face. The Racial Justice x Tech Policy project is driven by several research teams within the Institute of Economic and Racial Equity (IERE). We evaluate the evolving challenges of algorithmic bias, barriers to diversity in STEM careers, and contribute to redefining civil rights in an increasingly data-driven society. Our first year includes an RJxTP Awards event with our partners at the Kapor Center to fund new projects that will influence innovative policies. We’re excited for the potential of the Racial Justice x Tech Policy program and the positive change our collective knowledge will bring.


An illustration of three people, two women and one man sitting around a large web page with the words "Tech Policy Resources" written in a search boxThis list will provide a breadth of tech policy topics, organizations, and institutions doing everything from research to program implementation. It is not exhaustive and continues to be edited.

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Research Topics

  1. Data Collection: The backbone of racial bias in mortgage lending algorithms
  2. Assessment Tool for Equitable Use of Technology to Address Maternal Health Disparities
  3. Measuring Racism and Bias in Maternity Status and Care Utilizing Inequity Indices
  4. The History of Surveilling Black and Brown Bodies, The Future of Tech, and the Continued Limitations of Freedoms
  5. Digital Divide & Educational Access