Institute for Economic and Racial Equity

The RJxTP Team

Our RJxTP team at the Institute for Economic and Racial Equity (IERE), is at the forefront of tech and AI policy research, working towards creating racially and economically just societies. We provide technical assistance with programmatic design, offer guidance to faculty and research teams, and contribute to knowledge production through curricular development and educational offerings. Our expertise in technology and AI policy, combined with our understanding of ethical dilemmas and commitment to advancing racial justice, allows us to shape the next generation of tech policy leaders. Join us at the Racial Justice x Tech Policy and be a part of our mission to drive positive change at the intersection of racial justice and tech policy.

RJxTP Leadership Team

Maria Madison, Interim Dean

Dean Maria Madison

Principal Investigator
Ezra Tefera

Ezra Tefera

Program Director and Research Associate

Rhianna Rogers

Scholar-In-Residence: Instructional Designer
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Anushka Patel

RJxTP Program Administrator

RJxTP Expert Technical Advisors

Ariel Ludwig

Florence Levy Kay Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning, Law, and Racial Justice
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Osonde Osobe

Codirector, Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis; Senior Information Scientist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Gabrielle Hibbert

Adjunct Lecturer, Heller School for Social Policy & Management

Kartik Trivedi

Heller PhD Student

Kumba Sennaar

Heller PhD Student
Janelle Ridley, Associate Director, Racial Justice x Tech Policy Project

Janelle Ridley

Heller PhD Student

Ian Moura

Heller PhD Student
Lisa Thorn, Graduate Research Assistant

Lisa Thorn

Heller MPP Graduate

Sydney Henderson

Heller PhD Student