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Related Environmental Programs

In the past development and conservation were too often seen as adversaries between economic growth and environmental conservation. Yet the costs to economies, livelihoods and human wellbeing from the destruction of ecosystems and the rise of climate change has transformed that tension into modes of cooperation and integration. Even before the establishment of the GDS Center, our research faculty worked long years to understand the problems on the ground and in the sea, and to develop new notions and models to integrate development planning with ecosystem preservation and rehabilitation. Our current work takes us to the oceans, to the forests and to the development of innovative pesticide-free environmental technologies to build lives and livelihoods.

Tsimane’ Amazonian Panel Study

CORALINA Seaflower Biosphere Reserve and Marine Protected Area

Professor Marion Howard's reflection on marine territory published by MPA News

Pesticide-free Innovative Technologies

  • Hermetic storage of durable grains
  • Screening for reduction of Dengue

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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