Graduate Program in Coexistence and Conflict

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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Graduate Program in Coexistence and Conflict

Peace Studies

Degrees/Dual Degrees

Students from around the world join us to master the fundamentals of peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Courses, fieldwork and events prepare them for a lifelong career to promote coexistence values as responsible leaders and facilitators in conflict transformation.

COEX Degree

Dual Degrees with COEX:


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Peace Research

and Faculty

Faculty are leading experts in conflict theory and intervention. As researchers and practitioners, they provide students with a unique blend of cutting-edge knowledge and know-how that our graduates apply to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflicts.

Public Policies In Shared Societies

Students spend three months in the field integrated in peacebuilding organizations (NGO, government or international agency) or conducting independent research. Upon return to Boston, they share their findings at a capstone with faculty, fellow students, alumni and partners.

Coex graduate doing fieldwork in Africa


News & Events

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Peacemakers throughout history

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice 

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