The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Heller Building Facilities

The Heller School is comprised of two adjacent wings – Schneider, which includes the large open Forum and most of the classrooms, and Heller-Brown, where many researchers and professors have their offices. The building includes:

  • Classrooms, breakout rooms, study rooms, and conference rooms
  • The Zinner Forum (Community gathering and event space)
  • PhD offices (and other study carrels)
  • The café, student refrigerator/microwave and Wallack Terrace
  • The computer room
  • Prayer room
  • GIS lab
  • The Heller and SID library
  • Bulletin and Information Boards
  • Male and female and unisex restrooms
  • The Academic and Student Services Cluster

The building is open during business and classroom teaching hours. Students can access the building before and after hours, and on weekends, by sliding their Campus ID Card through the card readers at most building entrances.