The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Food Services at Heller

The Starbucks Cafe located on the ground floor of Heller is open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. It is not open on weekends. The schedule during school breaks and summer break varies and will be posted at the Café.

A refrigerator, microwave oven (2), toaster and kettle for boiling water are available for student use at any time. These appliances belong to Heller Student Services and need to be cleaned and cared for by the users. It is not the responsibility of the Café or the custodians.

Refrigerator - Located opposite the library reading area on the ground floor. The refrigerator is meant for keeping short term items (lunches or special occasions) only.

Microwaves, kettle, and toaster - Located on the table opposite the café. Please keep this area neat and be sure to clean any spills in the microwave.   REMEMBER to use only microwave-safe dishes only.

Candy and soda machines are available on the ground floor near the Heller library.

Food Service around Campus

There are many food service/dining hall areas and convenience stores around campus. Usdan, Shapiro, Hassenfeld, The Village – all have food sources for students. The dining services website has an up-to-date list and schedule of hours.