RC Certification

RC CertificationIf you are an experienced consultant, coach or change agent who wants to use relational coordination for positive organizational change, we invite you to become RC certified!

The certification process prepares and certifies individuals to use relational coordination principles and metrics to help organizations achieve positive change. This program consists of training combined with a rigorous peer review of two change projects.

RC Certified Professionals are skilled at helping organizations to use relational coordination principles and metrics for fostering positive organizational change. Some of our RC Certified professionals are trained primarily in organizational development and process consultation and others are trained primarily in work process improvement methods. Their backgrounds bring complementary skills for successful RC interventions, as illustrated by the interaction between relational and work process interventions in the Relational Model of Organizational Change.


RC Certification is governed by the RCRC Board and its Training and Certification Committee.

RC Certification Criteria

  1. Complete two change projects using relational coordination principles and metrics. One project must have baseline and follow up RC Survey results. The other project must have baseline results and a plan for carrying out the change process and assessing its impact.

  2. Demonstrate, through written report and oral review, a clear understanding of Relational Coordination and its application to the design and implementation of two projects:

  • Understand the context

  • Identify performance outcomes of interest to the client

  • Identify the work process that drives those performance outcomes, and the work groups involved in that work process

  • Engage those work groups in RC measurement

  • Feedback survey results to prompt reflection and learning

  • Plan and conduct interventions informed by the survey results to improve relational coordination and other outcomes

  • Assess impact of intervention on RC and the desired outcomes

Benefits of RC Certification

  • Use of RC Certified Professional trademarked logo.

  • Listed in the RC Certified Professionals directory.

  • A credential demonstrating advanced achievement in the interventional application of Relational Coordination.

  • Eligibility to teach in RCRC-sponsored workshops.

  • Eligibility to submit new workshops for RC workshop certification.

  • Eligibility to participate in the certification of other practitioners. 

  • Participation in a thoughtfully designed case-based certification process that has been widely acknowledged as a valuable learning experience. 

  • Use of RC Certified Professional trademarked logo 


To participate in the certification program: $1,500
Recertification (after 5 years): $500

Note that the cost of the RC Survey is additional and is dependent on the project size and scope. 


View the RC Intervention Project Summary Form

You will have the opportunity to 1) save your form in order to add more information as it becomes available or 2) submit it for the RCRC to review for certification and/or entry into the RCRC Intervention Database. If you prefer the form in another format (PDF or Word Document) please contact us.

Please contact RCRCinfo@brandeis.edu to discuss RC Certification.

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