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The aim of this program is to develop relational leadership capacity for leading relational coordination change projects. This program is highly practitioner focused, helping leaders and teams through the stages of change in their own organization. 

Please email RCRCinfo@brandeis.edu to inquire about upcoming sessions.


Registration fee $2,950, discount available for groups
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 A Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the program to those who meet certification criteria. 

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Faculty Chair:  Jody Hoffer Gittell 
Program Director:  Dušan Stojičić
RC Coaches:  Laura Montville and Claus Jebsen 


You will learn about the benefits of relational coordination — coordinating work through high quality communication, supported by shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect — and its impact on desired outcomes for multiple stakeholders.  

You will launch a Change Team to carry out the work.  As a team, you will assess the current state of relational coordination to identify areas of strength and weakness using the Relational Mapping Tool and/or the Relational Coordination Survey. You will identify the structures in your organization that weaken or strengthen relational coordination using the Organizational Structures Assessment Tool.

Moving from analysis to action, your Change Team will engage with key stakeholders and use tools offered by this program to refine the scope of your change project and carry it out successfully. You will develop and practice potential intervention strategies. Your Change Team will use the Relational Model of Organizational Change as a guiding framework to design interventions.

You will have the opportunity to become a partner of the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative (RCRC). You will also be eligible for more advanced training to become certified coaches in the use of this framework. This online program builds the foundation for developing and sharing relational leadership, research and coaching skills with others in future years.

The RC for Change Online Program will employ several techniques to create a robust learning environment. 

  • Experiential Learning: Participants will apply the skills that they learn from the program in their work on the ground, by creating and starting their defined  change project within the organization. Each module will be designed to enable participants to acquire new relational leadership skills needed for this work.

  • Live Online Sessions: Each module in the online training includes a live session where key concepts will be taught and discussed with an aim to enable participants to gain understanding and learn skills, they need to build co-workers support for their on the ground work.

  • Live Online Peer Coaching Meetings: Participants will attend biweekly (or monthly) section meetings with a smaller group of peers and a coach. Sections are designed for fellows to practice relevant skills in a safe learning environment. In this learning space participants will get coaching and support from their peers and a professional coach, which will enable them to improve their skills and prepare them for the work on the ground.

  • Coaching: Participants will connect individually with their coach and have biweekly (or monthly) short coaching sessions throughout the program.

  • Practice Assignments: Participants will have the opportunity to practice key relational coordination skills and tools.

Who Should Apply

Recommended participants include organizational change leaders of various types:

  • Working professionals (e.g.: healthcare, education, community wellness, public safety and the private sector)

  • Nonprofit and NGO executives (international and/or domestic)

  • Organizational development consultants, Lean consultants and others

  • Members of civic and community organizations

Please email RCRCinfo@brandeis.edu to request additional information.

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