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RC TrainingThe workshops Improving Work Processes with Relational Coordination and Advanced Methods for Improving Relational Coordination: A Toolkit for Leaders and Facilitators are highly complementary without being duplicative. You can take either workshop or both and neither is a prerequisite for the other.

Our online course offering, Relational Coordination for Change is a highly practitioner focused course, helping leaders and teams go through the stages of RC change, with tools and frameworks to facilitate the change process. 

Improving Work Processes with Relational Coordination

DATES:  April 3-4, 2020
REGISTER BY:  March 20, 2020
LOCATION:  Online 

This advanced workshop will help you learn how to use the Relational Coordination (RC) Survey in interventions to improve work processes and collaboration across the continuum from small co-located work groups to virtual teams to whole organizations and inter-organizational consortia. If you have experience in group facilitation or process consulting and want to take your understanding of RC to a higher level, we invite you to join us. This program will also help you prepare for the RC Certification. 


Advanced Methods for Improving Relational Coordination: A Toolkit for Leaders and Facilitators

DATES: November 7-8, 2020
Please email RCRCinfo@brandeis.edu if you are interested in this training
LOCATION:  Austin, TX - Following the Roundtable

This 1.5-day hands-on workshop offers practical methods for building the relationships, shared vision, system view and communication practices that are essential for successful collaboration at any level of scale: from individuals on a team to organizational consortia. Join us to learn how to improve performance by harnessing the power of Relational Coordination.


Online Course: Relational Coordination for Change

DATES:  March 24, 2020 - June 19, 2020 with wrap-up session to be scheduled for mid-September
REGISTER BY:  March 10, 2020

This 13-week online course taught by Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittell (RCRC, Brandeis University), with coaching provided by certified professionals, develops relational leadership capacity for leading relational coordination change projects. This program is highly practitioner focused, helping leaders and teams through the stages of change in their own organization. You will launch a Change Team to carry out the work. As a team, you will assess the current state of relational coordination to identify areas of strength and weakness using the Relational Mapping Tool and/or the Relational Coordination Survey. You will identify the structures in your organization that weaken or strengthen relational coordination using the Organizational Structures Assessment Tool. Moving from analysis to action, your Change Team will engage with key stakeholders and use tools offered by this program to refine the scope of your change project and carry it out successfully. You will develop and practice potential intervention strategies. Your Change Team will use the Relational Model of Organizational Change as a guiding framework to design interventions.


The RCRC training certification process certifies that the content and pedagogy of the training program is consistent with the principles of relational coordination. 

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