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We suggest that you begin by exploring our website to learn more about the benefits of using RC in your work:

RCRC Partnership

We invite you to join our community as an RCRC Partner to meet leaders, researchers and change agents in a multi-sectoral international community, sharing their ideas and methodologies in a forum to identify opportunities to apply the transformative approach of relational coordination in their own work.

Keynotes, Training & Workshops

Participate in an upcoming training session or let us know about an opportunity to share a keynote or customized workshop with you. Partners receive discounts on speaking engagements and training.  Learn more about upcoming training opportunities at the links below:

Additional Resources

Partners can access to our Cafe archives, annual Roundtable presentations and keynotes and our Interventions and Research Findings databases.

RC Certified Professionals 

RC Certified professionals are skilled at helping organizations to use relational coordination principles and metrics for fostering positive organizational change. They have a common set of skills and come from two kinds of backgrounds - some are trained primarily in organizational development and process consultation while others are trained primarily in work process improvement methods. These two backgrounds bring complementary skills for successful RC interventions, as illustrated by the interaction between relational and work process interventions in the Relational Model of Organizational Change.

Learn more about RC Certification.


Contact us at RCRCinfo@brandeis.edu to learn more!

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