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The RCRC partner community is a dynamic learning environment for leaders, consultants, coaches, faculty and students to share their work and learn from each other. Partners connect monthly via Zoom in the RCRC Cafe, annually at the Roundtable, and in one-on-one conversations throughout the year. 

In the RCRC Cafes and at the Roundtable, the partner community engages around timely topics at the intersection of practice and research. We focus on innovations that enable multiple stakeholders to achieve their desired outcomes. These gatherings provide opportunities to share challenges you are facing and to receive feedback from other RCRC partners -- and to grow your professional network!

Partners also have special access to trainings, workshops, keynotes, certification opportunities and more. In all these areas, the RCRC partner community is guided by the principles of relational coordination -- shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect supported by frequent, timely, accurate and problem-solving communication.

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Summary of Partner Benefits

View and download the Summary of Partner Benefits (pdf).

Partnership Pricing

Individual Standard Partnership:  
$125/year or $12/month

Individual Premium Partnership:  

Organization Premium Partnership: 

Number of Active Partners Price per Partner
Up to 5 $4,975/year base fee
6 to 25 $4,975/year base fee + $895/additional partner per year
26 to 50 $4,975/year base fee + $795/additional partner per year
51 to 75 $4,975/year base fee + $695/additional partner per year
76 to 100 $4,975/year base fee + $595/additional partner per year
Over 100 $4,975/year base fee + $495/additional partner per year

Organizational Partners

Organizational partners are organizations seeking to realize significant performance advantages for themselves and/or their clients through the implementation of relational coordination and complementary approaches. The RCRC offers a special rate for associations that wish to offer RCRC partnership discounts to their affiliates.

Organizational partnership includes the benefits noted above plus 5 Individual Standard Partnerships to share to help expand the knowledge and use of relational coordination in the organization. 

Brandeis University Students
Current Brandeis students may become Individual Standard partners at no cost and may extend their partnership for 6 months post graduation. Additionally, current Brandeis student partners may attend RC training programs at cost. 

RCRC Partners with Renewal Prior to 1/1/2020
Partners that renewed prior to 1/1/2020 will continue to receive benefits available with membership level through the end of the current period. At the expiration of this period, partners may renew at the Standard or Premium level.

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