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The RCRC uses the Zoom application for our virtual sessions and Cafes. See Events for registration and event information.


  1. Click the "Register" button for the Cafe and complete registration information.
  2. Registrations are reviewed by our staff and all RCRC Partners are welcome!
  3. Approved registrations will receive a confirmation email containing an individual link to join the Cafe. 
  4. Please add the event and link to your calendar to easily locate it at the time of the event.

Using Zoom

  • If this is your first time using Zoom, you can visit www.zoom.us to learn more and review tutorials and you can download the Zoom app, if desired.

  • While it is not necessary to download the app, this is helpful to test settings and functionality.  

  • You can visit http://zoom.us/test to join a test meeting and follow the instructions to test your video or audio. Some organizations require adjustments to firewall settings to access Zoom, so be certain to check the test link prior to the virtual session you plan to join to enable time to troubleshoot, if necessary.

  • Instructions for sharing your screen on zoom, to share slides and other visual content.

  • When you register for an RCRC event, you will recieve an invitation with the session link and dial in information and you can add this to your calendar, to locate the information and easily join the session. Note that Cafes are open to current RCRC Partners.    


  • We invite participants to join 15 minutes before the virtual session, to sort through technical issues and to connect with other participants before the session.

  • Please enable your video if possible, to support high quality communication.   

  • If joining by phone, please share your name so we can add this for others to connect with you during the session.
  • Please mute yourself when not speaking.  Microphone and camera controls are on the bottom of the screen.
  • Move your cursor toward the upper right of your screen, where you can choose your view (gallery, speaker focus, etc.).

  • We encourage participants to use the chat box for generative conversation.
  • If particpating in breakout groups, you will see an alert to join the breakout group when opened by the host (phone participants will join automatically). When breakout groups close, you will see a 1 min alert to return to the main room, where you will reconvene with the larger group. 

Practice RC 

  • Be present.
  • Take space (if you tend to be reserved), make space (if you usually fill it).
  • Ensure every voice is heard.
  • Be generative: add something to the center and build off what's growing there.
  • Confidentiality (take away lessons, leave personal specifics).

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