2020 RCRC Roundtable

Program Information

Justification Letter for Roundtable participation approval request.

Who should attend?

Leaders, researchers and change agents who want to engage with colleagues in a multi-sectoral international community and share their ideas and methodologies in a forum to identify opportunities to apply the transformative approach of relational coordination in their own work.


Join us at the RCRC Roundtable, where participants will:
  • Discover how to determine organizational readiness for change
  • Learn how to utilize RC tools to collect and analyze data to improve organizational effectiveness  
  • Learn how to socialize RC within the organization and how to share findings with stakeholders
  • Learn from industry leaders, researchers and change agents who are using the transformative approach of RC in their work  
  • Become an agent of change 

Session Topics

Examine the theory and application of relational coordination:
  • Relational leadership
  • Assessing relational coordination and identifying opportunity for change
  • Relational interventions
  • Process interventions
  • Structural interventions
  • Developing RC to achieve organizational desired outcomes, including well-being, quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation for stakeholders


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“I was so impressed with the quality of dialogue that was happening, both within and outside of formal presentations. It did not go unnoticed that our Roundtable was really a fractal representation of what the RC work is all about: in this context, bringing academics, internal practitioners, consultants and others to the table to further positive process and impact on organizations and our broader society through scholarly research, meaningful dialogue, and relationships.”

- 2018 Roundtable Participant