2020 RCRC Roundtable

Program Information

Justification Letter for Roundtable participation approval request.

Who should attend?

Leaders, researchers and change agents who want to engage with colleagues in a multi-sectoral international community and share their ideas and methodologies in a forum to identify opportunities to apply the transformative approach of relational coordination in their own work.


Join us at the RCRC Roundtable, where participants will:
  • Discover how to determine organizational readiness for change
  • Learn how to utilize RC tools to collect and analyze data to improve organizational effectiveness  
  • Learn how to socialize RC within the organization and how to share findings with stakeholders
  • Learn from industry leaders, researchers and change agents who are using the transformative approach of RC in their work  
  • Become an agent of change 

Session Topics

Examine the theory and application of relational coordination:
  • Relational leadership
  • Assessing relational coordination and identifying opportunity for change
  • Relational interventions
  • Process interventions
  • Structural interventions
  • Developing RC to achieve organizational desired outcomes, including well-being, quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation for stakeholders


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