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The Research section features information about the health and general well-being of parents with disabilities, first-hand narratives from parents with disabilities about their experiences raising children, pregnancy while having a physical disability, and more. 

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Current Legislation

This page contains up-to-date information on current and pending legislation affecting parents with disabilities and their families.


Our map provides interactive links to states with passed and pending legislation that supports parents with disabilities.

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Data Sources

There is a wealth of data about parents with disabilities, their families and their experiences. Here, we've aggregated them for easy access by researchers studying disability, family dynamics and related topics.

Information Sheets

This section includes information sheets featuring first-hand narratives from parents with disabilities. These narratives can help researchers identify specific needs, challenges and dynamics affecting parents with disabilities.

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Research Briefs

Our research briefs section contains summaries of evidence-based, community-focused, peer-reviewed research on parents with disabilities, including studies examining the general health of parents with disabilities in the United States, capacity-building for family interventions for parents with mental illness, the economic status of U.S. parents with disabilities, and self-advocacy tips for pregnant women with physical disabilities.

Give them the same benefit of the doubt you do other dads. Just because you don't know how they do it, doesn't mean they don't."

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities