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All Professionals

Intended for all professionals who work in fields involving parents with disabilities, this section includes summaries of research about parenthood and disability, short information sheets about current issues affecting parents, sources of data on parents with disabilities, and current state and federal legislation affecting parents with disabilities.  

A mother holding a young child who is signing 'mother'

Current Legislation

The Current Legislation page includes summaries of current and pending state and federal legislation affecting the rights of parents with disabilities.


Our Map provides interactive links to states with passed and pending legislation that supports parents with disabilities.

Two men at home with child

Data Sources

Here you'll find the data sources we've used to gain a snapshot of the experiences of parents with disabilities in the United States, including national and regional data sets drawn from surveys, interviews and other methods.

Information Sheets

Here are information sheets about the issues affecting parents with disabilities, selected specially for professionals in mind.

Disabled mother with child

Research Briefs

Our research briefs contain summaries of evidence-based, community-focused, peer-reviewed research on parents with disabilities, including studies examining the general health of parents with disabilities in the United States, capacity-building for family interventions for parents with mental illness, the economic status of U.S. parents with disabilities, and self-advocacy tips for pregnant women with physical disabilities.

I think the biggest challenge facing moms with disabilities is a lack of readily available resources to assist and support.”

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities