The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy

Undergraduate Fellowship in Disability Policy

2019 Lurie Undergraduate Fellows in Disability Policy, along with Research Associate Robyn Powell
'19-'20 Fellows & Mentors. Clockwise from top left: Maddy Pliskin, Jack Rubinstein, Carmela Belizaire, Lauren Smith, Rachel Sayko Adams, Amy AbuShanab, Regina Tham, Shoshana Finkel, Anna Davidge, and Robyn Powell
6 undergraduate Lurie fellows and Lurie director, Monika Mitra are pictured with Judy Heumann
2019 Fellows & Lurie Institute Director pictured with Judy Heumann
A group of undergraduate fellows & research mentors are pictured in front of a screen that reads "Starr Fellows in Disability Policy Research Presentation
Lurie Fellows & Mentors at their research presentation
5 undergraduate fellows are pictured standing in a semicircle around Judy Heumann
2019 Fellows pictured with Judy Heumann at the UAB conference
Research mentor, Eun Ha Namkung is next to research fellow, Julia Brown in a classroom behind a podium
Julia Brown and Eun Ha Namkung present their research findings
Research mentor, Ilhom Akobirshoev is next to research fellow, Shoshi Finkel in a classroom behind a podium presenting their research
Shoshi Finkel and Ilhom Akobirshoev present their research findings

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As society's understanding of disability policy develops, new research questions about the needs, experiences, and unmet needs of people with disabilities will arise. Tackling those questions requires new ways of conceptualizing disability as a social, political, cultural, and medical phenomenon. To develop the next generation of disability-policy scholars, the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy has created the Undergraduate Fellowship in Disability Policy. Established in 2019, the fellowship offers Brandeis University undergraduate students the opportunity to develop research skills and expand their knowledge of disability policy through direct research training with established Lurie Institute investigators. As of spring 2021, we have trained twenty fellows. 

The 2021–2022 undergraduate fellows are Maytal Bach, Joelle Galatan, Roe Keshet, Allie Mundis, Micah Rothkopf, and Zach Williams.

2020-2021 bios

2019 & 2019-2020 bios 

If you are interested in applying for the 2022–2023 fellowship, learn more on the "How to Apply" page. You can learn more about the fellowship from our brochure, too.  

Learn what former undergraduate fellows had to:  

Shoshana Finkel, Starr Fellow

Shoshi Finkel, Lurie Fellow '19 & '19-'20

The fellowship really pushed me to want to apply to law school and work to improve American law and policy to better serve those with disabilities.
Julia Brown, Starr Fellow

Julia Brown, Lurie Fellow '19

I liked that I had a lot of autonomy over the research I was conducting. I was able to set goals and clearly communicate what skills I wanted to gain from the fellowship.

Jack Rubinstein, Lurie Fellow '19-'20

The fellowship reinvigorated my commitment to working in public health. It is the primary reason that I decided to apply to grad school.

Regina Tham, Lurie Fellow '19-'20

I enjoyed the meetings we would have together with all the fellows. I think it was nice to hear about what other folks were doing, check in with each other, and hear from guest speakers. I also appreciated this experience because I was able to get a real perspective on what research is like. I'm also grateful to have learned so much about disability policy and advocacy through the fellowship.