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Rethinking Career Pathways and Advancement in Health Care

This image says “career advancement includes changes in:” and then shows five job characteristics, each with text describing what a change that constitutes advancement would look like.  These job characteristics are:

  1. Hours: Moving from part-time to full-time, from per diem to permanent, from inconsistent to consistent schedules, and to a schedule that works best with people’s lives.
  2. Pay: Increases in hourly wage or in hours worked; both contribute to pay increases
  3. Benefits: Moving to a job or workplace with benefits, such as paid time off and affordable employer-based health insurance.
  4. Commute Time: Finding a job closer to home, which reduces transportation costs and allows for more time with family.
  5. Responsibility and self-fulfillment: Moves that create a more satisfying work experience, such as jobs that offer more responsibilities or the ability to specialize.

These changes can all be achieved without a change in job title.