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Qualitative research, behavioral health treatment systems, evaluation research, addiction services research, faith-based programs,


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Margot T. Davis



Margot Trotter Davis, Ph.D, LICSW is a Scientist at the Institute for Behavioral Health. She has been involved in the field of addictions as both a clinician and researcher for over 35 years. Before coming to Brandeis University, Dr. Davis worked in government planning agencies to enhance the quality of and access to mental health and addiction treatment programs. She is an independently licensed clinician with expertise in addiction, trauma, military health, and major psychiatric disorders. Combining both micro and macro perspectives, her research interests focus on policies related to behavioral health treatment, and evaluation of innovative system designs. Of particular interest is the role of spirituality and religion in public policy. Recent areas of study include integration of behavioral health services into medical practices, community responses to opioid crisis, initiatives to increase access to care through vouchers, a national evaluation of community coalitions to impact addiction policy, and impacts of evidence-based addiction treatment in health and wellness programs. She is involved in projects related to psychological health among the military and serves as consultant to non-profits interested in this population. She has extensive experience in qualitative analysis and the use of focus group techniques in research studies.
Dr. Davis holds a masters degree in Social Work from Boston College focusing on the emerging trend in Employee Assistance Programs. Her Doctoral work focused on developing analytic models of faith-based addiction treatment programs. Both her Masters and Doctorate studies were supported through a NIAAA trainee grant.

Awards and Honors

  • Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance: Bob Ray Partnership Award (2019)
  • Best Program and Curricula Abstract Award AMERSA conference 2011 (2011)


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