James Schulz

Professor Emeritus of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management


Email: schulz@brandeis.edu
Office: Heller-Brown Building None
Phone: 603-664-5361
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Economics of aging -- social security, pensions, retirement policies and older worker employment issues.


  • Yale University
  • Miami University

James Schulz

Professor Emeritus of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management


I have recently published (with Robert H. Binstock) a book entitled: "Aging Nation: The Economics and Politics of Growing Older in America (Praeger, 2006). I am currently working on an article for the "Handbook of Social Gerontology." In general, my primary research focus is on the policy implications of declining fertility rates and the actual and projected absolute population decline in nations all over the world.

Awards and Honors

  • Citation from the Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for achievements in the fields of economics and gerontology (2000)
  • Testimonial Award from the Secretary-General of the United Nations for "international aging research and other activities related to the International Year of Older Persons" (1999)
  • Clark Tibbitts Award, for significant contributions in the advancement of gerontology as a field of study (1998)
  • Fulbright Award to the United Kingdom 1998-99, University of Kent (1998)
  • Award for "Outstanding Contributions in Gerontology" presented by University of Massachusetts, Boston (1987)
  • The Downing Fellow in Social Economics, University of Melbourne (1985)
  • Robert W. Kleemeier Award for outstanding research in aging (1983)
  • Chairperson, Study Group on the Economics of Aging, 1982-1987 (1982)
  • President, Gerontological Society of America, 1981-1982 (1981)
  • Fulbright Award to Iran (1968)
  • Woodrow Wilson National Fellow, 1961-65 (1961)
  • Associate for Gerontology in Higher Education (1901)
  • Founding Fellow, National Academy of Social Insurance (1901)
  • Gerontological Society of America Fellow (1901)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (1901)


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