Darren E. Zinner

Associate Professor

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Email: dzinner@brandeis.edu
Office: Heller-Brown Building 208
Phone: 781-736-3971
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health care management, health care reform, science policy, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical technology


  • HS 104b - American Health Care
  • HS 347a - Healthcare Technology and Information Systems
  • HS 372b - Economic Theory and Social Policy
  • HS 447a - Healthcare Technology and Information Systems
  • HSSP 89a - Internship and Analysis
  • HSSP 106a - Managing Medicine
  • HSSP 110a - Integrative Seminar on Health


  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Duke University

Darren E. Zinner

Associate Professor


Darren Zinner is a Associate Dean for Academics at the Heller School of Social Policy & Management. He is also the Chair of the Health: Science, Society, and Policy program, an interdisciplinary undergraduate major in healthcare. Dr. Zinner is also a senior member of Brandeis University’s Health Industry Forum, a policy consortium of major health insurers, delivery system managers, and biopharmaceutical and medical device firms.

Dr. Zinner’s research focuses on the management and structure of the U.S. healthcare enterprise. With the Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Policy, he focuses on the management of science, especially how the funding and organization of scientific teams affects productivity and outcomes. He has conducted several national research surveys studying the implications of academic-industry relationships on the productivity and innovativeness of life scientists.

At the Heller School, Dr. Zinner studies how physicians and hospitals are responding to public and private healthcare reform to re-organize the compensation, structure, and information systems within provider organizations. He has managed national surveys of risk-based contracting among integrated physician groups, as well as conducted qualitative evaluations of capitation- and shared savings-based insurance demonstrations.

Prior to his academic appointment, Dr. Zinner worked for Covance Health Economics and Outcomes Services, where he led multiple consulting engagements concerning the clinical development, insurance reimbursement, and product launch strategy for novel biotech, pharmaceutical, and device products. Previously, he worked as a biomedical engineer designing and developing laparoscopic instruments for United States Surgical Corporation.

Dr. Zinner earned his doctoral degree in Health Policy from Harvard University, masters degree in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Duke University. Dr. Zinner has published in leading medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, and Health Affairs, and is the inventor on two medical device patents.


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