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Jennifer N. Perloff

Scientist and Lecturer

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Office: Heller-Brown Building 213
Phone: 781-736-3935
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Evaluation research
Study design
Survey tool design and validation
Data analysis, including claims data
Information security
Alternative payment models/value based purchasing


  • HS 408f - AHRQ Practicum III: Introduction to the Theory and Application of Bundles
  • HS 510a - Applied Design and Analysis


  • Brandeis University
  • Cornell University
  • Bates College

Jennifer N. Perloff

Scientist and Lecturer


Jennifer Perloff, Ph.D. is a Scientist and Deputy Director at the Institute for Healthcare Systems within the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy. Dr. Perloff has over fifteen years of experience in evaluation and health services research with a strong emphasis on health care claims analysis. She has been involved in numerous episode/bundle based payment models, including the development of the CMMI Episode Grouper for Medicare (PD, Chris Tompkins). Dr. Perloff also works on the cost, quality and efficiency of nurse practitioner delivered primary care. This work uses a national Medicare claims database to compare NP and MD delivered services. The project team has paid special attention to methodological issues associated with provider comparisons, such as selection bias, attribution and risk adjustment. Dr. Perloff is also working as part of a team providing analytic support to participants in bundled payment for care improvement (BPCI). Other projects include developing a method to assess the value of Medicare Advantage Health Plans, assessing the cost and quality of care delivered in the 17 Beacon communities along with numerous evaluations of services for homeless families and adults. Dr. Perloff also participates in numerous dissertation committees.


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