Beth A. Mohr

Senior Statistical Programmer

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Office: Heller-Brown Building 270
Phone: 781-736-3814
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Statistics, Observational Data Analysis, Health Services Research, SAS Programming


  • University of Washington
  • Dartmouth College

Beth A. Mohr

Senior Statistical Programmer


Beth Mohr, M.S. is a Senior Statistical Programmer at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. She has extensive experience performing complex data manipulations and multivariate analysis of clinical, questionnaire, and claims data. Her current work includes analyzing data about the use of financial incentives to improve substance use treatment in the state of Maine and estimating inpatient costs of healthcare acquired conditions. Before coming to Brandeis, Ms. Mohr analyzed commercial health plan data to estimate episode costs for acute and chronic conditions. Ms. Mohr has also been a statistician on a variety of epidemiologic studies and clinical trials. Her interests include observational data analysis, mental health, substance abuse, aging, and the cost and quality of healthcare.

Awards and Honors

  • Most outstanding abstract in the Child Health theme category, 2010 Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA (2010)


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